Local Man Plans to give up Heroin for Lent

Local Man Dayton Harvell plans to give up Heroin for Lent. “I figure hey, I’m not much of a Catholic, but I should at least make the fuckin’ effort, you know?”

Dayton, who lives above a convenience store in Colborne, Ontario with at least three other addicts of whom we are aware. “Living with other addicts…even when they are addicted to shit other than heroin, is gonna make it difficult.’ In dealing with this present temptation, there are few good points. “Now, Ed, Ed is just a pothead. And that’s not a real addiction, it’s just weed you know? And I can score some weed off of Ed when the withdrawal gets real bad. And it’s only a month, I can last a month can’t I?” When informed that Lent lasts for 40 days, Dayton’s only comment was ‘Fuck.”